Burton Ford Property Services was formed to offer professional, unbiased and clear Inventories, Check in’s, Inspections and Check out’s to Letting Agents, Private Landlords and Housing Associations. Having seen how the industry has changed to include a lot more legislation and compliance, BFPS expanded to offer our Outsourced Property Management Services.

 Managing rental properties requires extensive knowledge and experience, all of which can be expensive and time consuming. BFPS can take this stress away from you by outsourcing your property management to us, which will save you time, money, staffing issues & on costs. We can offer you a bespoke service to suit your needs and can ensure that all your properties and tenants comply with the current legislation, whilst providing the highest level of professionalism.

Please email enquiries@burtonfordpropertyservices.co.uk providing us with your name, telephone number and a brief description of your requirements.