Inventory Services

Our Reports will help should there be a dispute at the end of a tenancy as we detail the condition of the property with dated, photographic evidence before the tenancy commences. This informs the tenant/s that the property should be returned at the end of their tenancy, in the same condition as when they moved in.


Inventory – Professional, unbiased & clear Inventories & Condition Reports before a new tenant moves in.


Check-in – We will meet your new tenant at the property at an agreed time on move in day to go through our previously prepared Inventory and confirm the meter readings with them and hand over the keys.


Check-out – Using the Inventory that was completed at the beginning of the tenancy.  We compile a clear and unbiased report with Meter readings and dated photographic evidence of any defects or damage.


Property Inspection – During the tenancy at a pre-arranged time, with the tenant/s present if they wish. 


Please email providing us with your name, telephone number and a brief description of your requirements.


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